Knowing These 6 Secrets Will Make Your 100k Shout Out Look Amazing

That’s why content promotion and distribution (or as we refer to it – content amplification) is a must for any digital marketing strategy. This signals to Google that you’re not a spammer and helps build a positive relationship with the other blogs you’re linking to. Establishing good relations also makes pitching guest posts a ton easier. Under these circumstances, authors are strongly advised not to resubmit a revised version as it will be declined without further review. Here are some of my guest posts in the past. After doubling my pageviews, I learned some valuable lessons that need to be in place when traffic starts rolling in. One thing I’ve come to understand is that if you give your audience what it wants in a way that you feel passionate about, your blog will continue to strive.

When we recently had a courtesan guest post on Birds, a forum called internet or something linked to the post and sent us a heap of traffic. Get out there and comment on other blogs in your niche, on your friend’s blogs, on random Twitter follower’s posts. Chances are that blogger will retweet and share a post mentioning them, getting more shares and more traffic as a result. And by linking to relevant sources throughout your article, you show that you’ve done your research and that your content is credible and relevant. Every time a group member posts a photo or video, he or she direct messages the group to let everyone know. If your answer isn’t scannable and easy to read, users probably won’t bother reading it. The harsh reality is that most blogs fail to generate even a few dollars in income let alone vast sums of money.

Add your blog URL to the social profiles that you use the most, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and so on. This way, whenever people find you on social media, they can discover your blog as well. It’s REALLY important to use good images in any blog posts you publish. Regardless of how Google bashes guest posting practices – this strategy works. By reaching your target audience on as many platforms as possible, you increase the life span of every asset you create, offering greater per-asset ROI potential. We used views generated from organic search as our primary KPI because if the keyword ranking(s) for these posts improved as a result of the update, it would manifest as an increase in organic search views. Besides publishing blog posts, IncomeDiary also provides content through educational courses and their software product.


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