Knowing These 6 Secrets Will Make Your Secrets Of Closing The Sale Look Amazing

David Naylor is Executive Vice President of 2logical, an industry leader in Training and Development field. Two decades ago, 2logical pioneered at the transformative approach to developing peak performing employees. Far transcending the traditional means of closing skill gaps, 2logical perfected a method of closing the underlying belief gaps that are the root cause of virtually every employee performance issue. Forward thinking, industry leaders at many of the world most recognized companies have embraced this strategy to develop their Leadership and Sales talent.

Finding the right companies for the comparable set is challenging; indeed, the ability to choose appropriate comparables distinguishes sophisticated veterans from newcomers. Most financial analysts start by examining a company’s industry—but industries are often loosely defined. The company might list its competitors in its annual report. An alternative is to use the Standard Industrial Classification codes published by the US government. A slightly better (but proprietary) system is the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) recently developed by Morgan Stanley Capital International and Standard & Poor’s.

Cohen cites the example of a commercial insurance business he was representing that falls right in the middle of small business valuations. The seller had an ongoing book of business of over $200,000. Due to the personal relationship nature of these types of businesses, there was no assurance that the business would continue at the same level, which could be a daunting thought to a buyer outside of the industry. However, a competitor recognized the potential while at the same time was cognizant of the risk and so they were able to acquire the business for $400,000, essentially purchasing a lucrative book of commissions for under a two times multiple.



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